Lupin III fanart by Dasha KO

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Russian-language joke.

Altai tales (tales nations of Russia) about marksman. Called him Kadjigey-mergen (Каджигей-мерген). If you remove a few letters in his name- we get the name Jigen (Джиген). 

Two musicians. Jigen & Akai. (Detective Conan. FBI).

Vermouth with Lupin’s gang. And Zenigata. (Detective Conan, Black Organization).

Long time since I drawing finished work…

Well, that’s a new art.

I finished my second study animation work. First work, you can see here.

This is a story about the light. 

Please watch it!

Last night completed the one old idea of AMV.

And my first AMV if you have not seen - Adventures in Russia - Back in USSR .


…お待たせしました待たせてしまいまひた(汗)( ;´Д`)





Request picture:【Lupin & Ko in Russia】

Location is “Teremnoy dvorets(Теремной дворец)” in the Kremlin.

Why there is a car on the roof? 

Imagine the person who has seen all means.

Thank you for the request.

Oh. My. God. This is my request. Awesome! I do not know what to say!