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I saw it yesterday and… OH MY GOD. This is great!

My first thoughts on the first pics of the Jigen Movie.

My first thoughts on the first pics of the Jigen Movie.

Tumblr reminded me.

Lupin III fanart by Dasha KO turned 2 today!

Lupin III, season2, ep 58. (about a ballerina)

I like to collect texts in Russian in the anime. They are delusional. Haha XDXDXD

Text in the passports a very funny:

1) the trade union movement “is easier to achieve a higher pay than to fight for peace.  I have always adhered to the belief that one should begin with the struggle for higher wages.<…>

/disconnected clause/

<…>Is no exception and the Second World War. It started because the capitalists of Germany ceased to be satisfied exploitation of their own people.<…>

When the learned to award me the premiums publicist made ​​fun of me, wrote that more likely not waiting for Peace Laureate and premium for enhancing <…>

2) Revisiting about unprecedented growth of wages in the U.S. and Europe. Therefore ready to equate higher wages and Peace Prize.

3) Just listing of: Department of physical training, Department of Culture, Ministry of Health etc.

4) That same passport, but with different text. Part of the article about Weightlifting at the 1976 Summer Olympics .

Like to do rendering. You can draw in that time.

Like to do rendering. You can draw in that time.

Just OwlJigen. Don&#8217;t pay attention.

Just OwlJigen. Don’t pay attention.

Asker bearsandsnow Asks:
Hello. Did you ever watched Katsudou Dai Shashin "Mankatsu" series? I find out that your Goemon from your post '' Draw it again'' looks like Souji from Mankatsu.
dasha-ko dasha-ko Said:

Yes, I watched Mankatsu for a long time. T___T And I drew one  picture.

My art. August 9, 2012

What are awesome news, friends! I was hoping that this could be … But I still doubted. The prophetic picture. The only thing that has not yet been able to understand what it is? TV-special, TV series or movie? But I’m happy already. Go get drunk. 

You do not know?

UPD. Thank to all, who ansered on my question!