Lupin III fanart by Dasha KO

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…お待たせしました待たせてしまいまひた(汗)( ;´Д`)





Request picture:【Lupin & Ko in Russia】

Location is “Teremnoy dvorets(Теремной дворец)” in the Kremlin.

Why there is a car on the roof? 

Imagine the person who has seen all means.

Thank you for the request.

Oh. My. God. This is my request. Awesome! I do not know what to say!

This two pictures drawn at different times.

I drew Jigen in dentistry, when I was in dentistry…

Very simple sketch.

Lupin’s summertime.

Short-sketch-comix Dentist for Jigen. Just for fun.

I thought up it, while waiting for their turn to dental surgeon.

Little animatic in university. Done for the evening.

So, I made ​​a few variants of desktop wallpapers. Made for my laptop, but can also be useful to someone?

Variant1, variant2, variant3, variant4.

Don’t know what I’m doing. But.