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Little animatic in university. Done for the evening.

Serious Zenigata.

I am starting!

Somewhere in the desert…

Sketch. Moment from the Angel Tactics.

When I look at Kogorou Mouri I want to do a fair shake…

Red Roofs or Somewhere in Europe

Watercolor, colored pencils, pens, A3.

Totally forgot about these photos. Process of this pic.

Trans-Siberian Express.

This picture looks like illustration to fanfiс. But it is not. 

Well… Quite a strange picture turned out. But something in it. I have long wanted to portray a plot with a Trans-Siberian Railway . (Most of all I like that faces are not shown). I hope to draw on rassian motives more pictures (and with this plot too).  But for now so.



Crossover. Inspector Javert (Les Miserables) vs Inspector Zenigata (Lupin III).

Yes, Pino, I know about the sad news about the voice Zenigata when this became known. This is sad.

I reviewed all animation of Lupin and serials with one voice translation or subtitles. But I love all the voices. It is a pity that they were replaced, except Jigens’s voice.